CoolMax SRX




AERL’s SRX is the latest release in the CoolMax MAXIMIZER™ range. More powerful, robust and efficient than previous generations, the SRX MPPT Solar Charge Controllers feature peak power efficiencies over 99%.

The CoolMax SRX's revolutionary ultra-low heat, high-efficiency thermal design makes the SRX a highly robust and reliable MPPT Solar Charge Controller that is at home in any high-quality DC Coupled installation.


AERL has been designing and manufacturing highly reliable and efficient specialized MPPT Solar Pump and Solar Charge Controllers since 1985. AERL’s MAXIMIZER™ MPPT Solar Regulator was, in fact, the world’s first truly Universal Maximum Power Point Tracker ever to be developed and manufactured commercially.

AERL has now supplied thousands of MAXIMIZER™ MPPT controllers, totaling millions of field operating hours, and supplying reliable power to many satisfied customers worldwide.


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 Datasheet | Installation Manual | Warranty Conditions


Why use an AERL COOLMAX SRX MAXIMIZER™ MPPT Solar Charge Controller?


  • Australian Designed and Made - Local Service and Support.

  • Established Reputation AERL MPPT Solar Charge Controllers already possess a long-established reputation for being highly reliable and efficient.

  • World Record Efficiencies - The CoolMax SRX’s ultra-low loss, high-efficiency design with peak power efficiencies of over 99%.

  • Up to 35% More Power - Harvest up to 35% more power from solar panels with a high-efficiency MPPT solar charge controller.

  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities - Suitable for remote monitoring via CAN bus or Modbus interface options.

  • LCD Touch Screen Programming - For easy set-up and system configuration. 

  • Smart multi-stage Battery Charging Profile

  • Active Temperature Compensation - Onboard support for active temperature compensation.

  • Fully Adjustable Charge Profile - For custom-sized battery packs (Charge voltages selectable in 0.1 V increments).

  • Compatible with all types of batteries and solar arrays

  • Suitable for all Climates - Rated for temperature extremes ranging from -20 to 50°C (ambient).

  • Robust and Reliable - Mil-spec conformal coating on both sides of the printed circuit board, sealed potentiometer, gold plated switch ensures long term reliability especially in harsh tropical and marine environments. 

  • Easy Installation & Set-up

  • Easy servicing - Custom made, compact, lightweight and easily replaceable plug-in control module provides for exceptionally simple servicing should a fault develop.

  • Five Year WarrantyAERL’s COOLMAX MPPT solar charge controller range comes with a full comprehensive five-year warranty.